Killer Whales at Token2049

As Killer Whales Season one continues its production journey and the distribution details are on the brink of being revealed, Bitget has extended an invitation to the HELLO Labs team to join forces in the selection of projects for the upcoming Season 2. Serving as the official search partner for Killer Whales, Bitget actively contributes to the production team's efforts by conducting research and identifying outstanding projects that align with the show's criteria while remaining accessible and engaging for the show's at-home audience.

Xsummit, specially arranged to commemorate Bitget's 5th anniversary, is set to showcase KILLER WHALES LIVE as its main highlight. This event will bring together four remarkable projects for a pitching session in front of KILLER WHALES, including Altcoindaily's Ran Neuner and Yevheniia Broshevan. Approximately 350 attendees will be present to witness this exciting exchange. Additionally, our CEO, Sander Gortjes, will take part in a panel discussion that delves into the future of media in the Web3 landscape.

Winners of the event are LAVA Network: a project that allows retail and B2B customers to provide Nodes for blockchains, adding to their security and processing power. Close second was Shrapnel: a AAA first-person shooter fully integrated into blockchain. Both projects will be part of the selection process for Killer Whales Season two. How HELLO Labs selects projects? You can read more about that, here.

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