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HELLO Labs x CoinMarketCap

With over 340 million monthly visitors and more than 22,000 projects listed, CoinMarketCap is the main resource for up-to-the-minute data on everyone‘s favorite crypto projects. This makes them an ideal production partner for Killer Whales, ensuring that the show has a global reach both on and off camera.

In their role as Co-producers, CoinMarketCap will lead the way in sourcing the projects that will appear on the show plus providing on-screen data and community feedback during the episodes.


CoinMarketCapCo-producer and data partner

Co-producer and data partner



HackenSecurity partner

Security partner

Casper LabsBlockchain partner

Blockchain partner

UNCX NetworkOfficial DeFi partner

Official DeFi partner

The Crypto AppOfficial Media partner

Official Media partner

MarketCrossOfficial PR partner

Official PR partner

official search partners


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