How to get on Killer Whales

Killer Whales is a TV show that will be broadcasted to millions of households around the world, and with that, the show and its contestants will reach new audiences that might be new to Web3 and might not yet understand the basics of the technology. Therefore the producer team has put in place basic selection criteria that all projects must meet in order to appear on the show.

With the selection process that kicked off May 2nd, HELLO Labs has partnered with Web2 and Web3 partners to ensure that projects featured on the show have undergone a thorough review and added transparency for the home viewers. This review is conducted by the Killer Whales Selection Committee: a selection of five independent parties to judge the feasibility of a project to appear on the show.

How the review committee works

All projects that apply via will be asked to upload the needed documentation about the project as well as show us that their community is active and support the project. Based on the transfer of information, the initial review is performed by an audit committee of HELLO Labs and the project will appear on the website with a ‘certified’ logo next to the name of the project. This allows for the project to be voted upon by the community. But that is not all, each project needs to get the three badges that make them an official show contestant! The Selection Committee takes into account how active a project is voted for, and if there is adequate social activity.

Selection Committee set up

As Killer Whales is going to reach millions of households that are new to Web3, we want to provide easy-to-understand and concise information for each project. The Selection Committee is designed to ensure the projects meet the selection criteria. The Selection Committee reviews a project based on:

• Project fundamentals

• Doxxed team and background

• Market data

• Review of whitepaper and legal opinion (or willing to deliver one)

• Community Information

• Social traction

• Security audits

• Feasibility to travel into the US (Show is produced in LA)

• Ability to pitch (review of the pitch deck, zoom video interview)

• And many more aspects

The Selection Committee exists of:

• Data partner: CoinMarketCap

• Security partner: Hacken

• Producing partner: HELLO Labs

After your application, the Selection Committee will start reviewing your application, in some cases we will reach out and ask for further details. Once your project is reviewed, and approved, we will start the process of looking for suitable spots on the shows. If the project is rejected, we will share basic information about why it was rejected.

What happens after the review?

If your project is selected to be on the show, our producers will reach out and jointly go through the legal documentation and try to arrange travel plans. The show is produced between June 26th and June 30th, so keep your agenda free!

What about smaller projects?

Smaller projects have an equal chance of being selected as larger projects, it depends on the project, the progress, and the presentation of the team. Also, we allow for a ‘wildcard’ selection process, which could help smaller projects to appear on the show.

Wildcard projects and how to become one

Wildcard projects are the projects that we select to be in the show, if they pass DD. To become a wildcard project we look at two major indicators:

• Amount of votes on the Killer Whales voting platform

• Social activity of that project.

Each project that applies is listed on the Killer Whales platform, and each project can be voted upon by your community. The projects that show great traction in their daily voting, and have the social activity to support this, will be chosen to feature on the show.

How to apply:

To get onto the show, there are three routes:

1) By applying on the website and being reviewed by the Selection Committee

2) By applying via one of our search partners and being reviewed by the Selection Committee

3) By applying on the website and receiving a large number of votes on the platform plus social traction.

Whatever route your project might take, it will always be reviewed and approved before being contacted to appear on the show.

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