Unleash the Killer Whales

Cryptotainment isn’t just a new buzzword in the ever-expanding world of crypto. This is an entirely new genre focused on educating and entertaining a mainstream audience at a time when it needs it most.

We are blazing a path through the crypto industry by blending crypto and entertainment to produce and distribute TV shows, games, and NFTs. Holders of the HELLO Token will be granted direct access to the company’s growing slate of offerings as more IPs are added.

Welcome the debut of our IP Killer Whales. A show that combines the best elements of mainstream shows Shark Tank and America’s Got Talent, offering a platform for the whole crypto industry to come together and rebuild its credibility by providing a level of transparency that is currently lacking and pulling no punches to ask the hard-hitting questions.

Killer Whales marks the first in a series of planned releases for the HELLO Labs brand. The show features crypto projects pitching to a panel of five industry experts, referred to as Whales, in the hopes to receive the mentorship needed to take them to the next level and help them navigate through the pitfalls that have consumed so many to have gone before.

Killer Whales is slated to be broadcast on mainstream streaming platforms as well as our very own Web3 App. Shot in Los Angeles, the show will feature Hollywood-quality production values, celebrity judges, and a slice of drama to entertain a global audience.

Cordell Broadus (AKA Champ Medici) is the show's Executive Producer and just one of the Killer Whales celebrity judges, The crypto industry is crying out for a worldwide show that debunks the myths surrounding crypto and NFTs and provides a platform for the next great founder to tell the world about their Web3 projects and vision.

To coincide with the show's release, we will also launch an exclusive Show Producer NFT collection that allows holders to influence key show decisions and be part of the production team.

We want to embrace the latest Web3 technology to showcase to the world how crypto and NFTs can be used to solve real-world problems. Cutting out the middle-man to allow holders of the Show Producer NFTs to shape the show in their vision and vote for which projects should be shortlisted.

Killer Whales is set to release in 2023.

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