UNCX Network Joins as Official DeFi Partner

UNCX Network, a fully decentralized multi-chain service provider, has partnered with ‘Killer Whales,’ a reality TV show co-produced by CoinMarketCap and AltCoinDaily, and billed as ‘the Shark Tank of Crypto.’

is making DeFi easier and safer with its world-class infrastructure that is trusted, scalable, and decentralized. This aligns with our vision to build a decentralized vibrant entertainment and gaming ecosystem that spans a vast global audience and ensures a smooth and safe way for people to experience Web3 products and services.

The Killer Whales TV show has allowed entrepreneurs to pitch ideas for new Web3 products and projects to a panel of judges and entrepreneurs, that include the biggest names in Web3 and Web2. The show will preview on HELLO TV and then roll out across a series of global premium streaming services in over 55 countries.

“As the Web3 space continues to learn and develop, the need for Web3 companies to work with reliable WEB3 DeFi partners like UNCX becomes increasingly important, and Killer Whales is an ideal vehicle to help fulfill that growing need. To achieve that goal, Killer Whales not only provides a podium for consumer-focussed solutions but also the vital B2B service providers in the space,”
said HELLO Labs CEO Sander Gortjes in a statement.

The DeFi services & solutions provided by UNCX Network are vital for the security, scalability, and efficiency of Web3 companies, and provide a solid base for any project to build upon. UNCX is the first DeFi partner to join Killer Whales as an Official Partner. Our shared goal is to serve projects applying to be on the show with an opportunity to review their security and DeFi solutions.

As projects are reviewed and their audits are successful, they will undergo several rounds of interviews in Hollywood before the filming of season two begins in June 2024. The show will be broadcasted across major streaming services, which will be announced in the next weeks, on HELLO Labs’ very own streaming platform, HELLO TV .

"Over the past four years at UNCX, we have been creating scalable and secure technology services to improve the DeFi landscape. Our collaboration with HELLO Labs and the Killer Whales show, especially with tokenized business projects, aligns seamlessly with these objectives. This partnership not only broadens the accessibility of our tools to these projects but also will help educate users on the safety metrics they should expect projects to adopt,"
said Antoine Chaveron, CEO at UNCX Network.

Using decentralized & non-custodial services such as locking, vesting, or raising capital is crucial when launching and managing tokenized businesses. UNCX delivers solutions that instill trust and credibility, ensure stability, and align with the core principles of blockchain technology. These dedicated solutions contribute to the evolution of the industry standards of token safety. With smart-contract-based services, they minimize risks, vulnerabilities, and malicious practices while committing heavily to security assessments, provided by some of the best companies in the web3 ecosystem. UNCX will advise and encourage projects to adopt practices that adhere to DeFi’s highest security standards.

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