The Crypto App Joins Killer Whales as an Official Media Partner

The Crypto App, a leading crypto toolset with over 5 million downloads, has officially joined forces with HELLO Labs, the trailblazing Web3 entertainment company behind the reality TV show 'Killer Whales.' This collaboration marks a significant step in the convergence of blockchain technology and mainstream entertainment, with the shared goal of fostering innovation and empowering emerging entrepreneurs.

Bringing Web3 to the World

Killer Whales responds to the growing interest in Web3 by delivering captivating Hollywood-quality entertainment. In collaboration with CoinMarketCap, AltCoinDaily, and Hacken, HELLO Labs ensures a production that demystifies blockchain for both enthusiasts and newcomers.

Killer Whales TV Show and the media partnership

The Killer Whales TV show, dubbed 'the Shark Tank of Crypto,' invites entrepreneurs to pitch their Web3 product and project ideas to a panel of judges, including influential names from both Web3 and Web2. The show aims to provide a platform for these innovators to gain recognition, receive feedback from industry leaders, and access funding and support for building their revolutionary Web3 solutions.

The Crypto App is the first Official media partner to join Killer Whales, bringing its extensive reach and engagement capabilities to the partnership. In alignment with HELLO Labs' mission, both platforms strive to build decentralized, vibrant ecosystems for global audiences to engage securely with Web3 products and services.

As part of this collaboration, participants in the Killer Whales show are eligible to benefit from the dedicated promotional packages The Crypto App offers.

HELLO Labs' CEO, Sander Gortjes, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "As a company, we embrace transparency and want to bring the real stories about founders in Web3 to the crypto and NFT space, as well as the masses. Killer Whales, HELLO, and The Crypto App are all about building together in a focused and innovative way. With The Crypto App as our Official Media Partner, we believe we have found a strategic ally that can significantly amplify the reach of the show, the participants and the $HELLO ecosystem with their expansive audience."

Niklas Jabs, Managing Director at The Crypto App, shared his excitement: "We are excited about the partnership with Killer Whales, as it provides us with the opportunity to collectively educate on market developments and contribute to the evolution of the Blockchain industry. As the Official Media Partner, we aim to leverage our extensive reach to shine a spotlight on emerging entrepreneurs, actively shaping revolutionary Web3 projects."

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