Killer Whales. The world’s first globally broadcasted Web3 television show.

We are excited to announce our first TV show Killer Whales will begin filming in June. As a Web3 entertainment company focused on creating and developing entertainment IP’s, the Killer Whales show is designed to entertain and educate a global audience on the intricacies and evolving tech of the Web3 world.

Produced by HELLO Labs and other, unannounced co-producers, the show will cater to the growing interest of billions of Web3 users, by providing a global platform for projects of all shapes and sizes within the cryptocurrency and NFT space. Taking inspiration from Shark Tank, contestants will pitch their crypto and NFT projects to a panel of industry experts judges referred to as "Whales." The goal is to receive as many “Swim” votes and as few “sink” votes as possible from the judges to stand the chance of topping the series leaderboard and being crowned the series winner.

The global search starts May 2nd, as crypto and NFT projects from all over the world apply at After filling out a simple web form the projects are then reviewed by a professional representation of experienced Web3 companies that partnered with the show and HELLO Labs. Part of this review committee will be one of the world’s largest data aggregators, security experts and of course the show producers HELLO Labs. The lucky projects are then selected and invited out to LA to take part in the show.

It’s important that we engage the entire Web3 community when producing the show so we have introduced a way for communities to vote for their favourite tokens and NFTs to appear on the show. Once a project has applied they are encouraged to engage their communities to upvote their projects page to stand a chance of claiming the public voted “wildcard” slot on each episode.

To claim their daily vote users will be required to connect their Web3 wallets at and navigate to their desired token’s bespoke page to either upvote, if they are feeling bullish, or downvote if they are bearish on the project. But that's not all – users who hold at least 1000 $HELLO within their wallets will be eligible for a daily “Super Vote”. Each “Super Vote” counts for 10 regular votes. Giving their favourite projects the chance to rise up the leaderboard and stand a better chance of receiving the much converted “wildcard”.

We can't wait to showcase the exciting projects and ideas that will be featured on the show. With the help of our judges, contestants will have the opportunity to bring their vision to life and make a significant impact in the world of cryptocurrency.

Stay tuned for more information and follow us on social media for the latest news and updates.

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