Killer Whales AFTERSHOW PARTY at Token2049

To celebrate the first release of the official Killer Whales Trailer and to announce our latest sponsor and ‘Official Blockchain Partner’ for Killer Whales season one we held an exclusive after-show party with Casper Network

Click this link to go to the video

During the evening, at Moon rooftop bar in Singapore, the HELLO Labs team celebrated the launch of the official Killer Whales trailer, together with the show’s partners Bitget and Hacken. During the evening we also announced that CASPER, the future-proof blockchain is joining the show as an Official Blockchain Partner and offering projects that participate in the show access to their 25,000,000 USD development fund.

The evening was a wonderful get-together of over 750 people core and centre to the Web3 space, among else we welcomed several projects that appear on Killer Whales, but also our Whales: AltCoinDaily, Ran Neuner, Gracy Chen, and Yevheniia Broshevan.

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