HELLO Labs: $HELLO Token is now on Ethereum

In the rapidly evolving landscape of crypto and entertainment, we continue to blaze a trail, with an unwavering commitment to innovation and advancement. Our latest milestone pushes the $HELLO token to a cross-chain functionality, expanding its reach and accessibility for a global audience.

The $HELLO token has now landed on the Ethereum network. With the launch of the HELLO Bridge now live, this is a milestone advancement on our journey towards democratizing crypto for everyone, and it opens up exciting new possibilities for both the platform and our incredible, loyal community.

Ethereum’s status as a successful L1 is undeniable. The developers on Ethereum launching games, DeFi products, and NFTs are why ETH has succeeded in building a unique culture like no other. The $HELLO token being available on ETH, ensures we are positioning ourselves at the heart of the most vibrant and dynamic crypto ecosystem.

Soon to be released ‘Killer Whales’ is a crypto-reality TV show created and produced by the Founder of HELLO Labs, Paul Caslin, an award-winning director. Promising to be must-see TV, this series serves as a platform for Web3 visionaries from diverse corners of the world to converge and showcase their groundbreaking ventures within the realms of crypto and NFTs. ‘Killer Whales’ USP is its stellar panel of ‘Whales’, comprised of prominent crypto luminaries and influencers such as Mario Nawfal, Anthony Scaramucci, Wendy O, among others, alongside esteemed co-producers Altcoin Daily and Coin Market Cap. This is the Shark Tank of Web3.

The successful onboarding of such high-profile crypto Whales as judges not only underscores our growing influence but also serves as a testament to the platform’s commitment to providing a powerful network of opportunities and success for its participants. As the show prepares for broadcast across more than 55 countries via some of the globe's foremost streaming services, (including the HELLO TV app), the projects spotlighted on ‘Killer Whales’ are poised to secure an unprecedented level of exposure.

With our cross-chain ambitions and the power of Ethereum’s vast ecosystem, we are setting the stage for future developments that seek to revolutionize the crypto and entertainment landscape. As we continue to deliver on our promises, we remain a brand that is constantly pushing the boundaries, paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive future for crypto enthusiasts and creators alike.

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