HELLO Labs Joins Forces with PR Partner MarketAcross

HELLO Labs, is pleased to announced a partnership with the world’s leading blockchain PR and content marketing agency, MarketAcross, to propel its groundbreaking Web3 television series “Killer Whales” to global audiences. As the official PR partner of “Killer Whales”, MarketAcross will help take the show’s transparent and entertaining narrative to the masses.

"Killer Whales" is a reality television show that sees budding entrepreneurs pitch their crypto and NFT projects to a panel of industry experts known as the Killer Whales. It is designed to deliver captivating Hollywood-quality entertainment while educating the mainstream audience on the risks and rewards of Web3.

MarketAcross’ success-driven approach will ensure the show's narrative rises above the noise and resonates globally. The PR firm has spent 10+ years gaining world-class experience and nurturing relationships with many of the industry’s premier media outlets, venture firms, event organizers, incubators, and thought leaders. From content strategy to media relationships and amplification, MarketAcross will be leveraging its rich expertise to catalyze the visibility of “Killer Whales”.

Sander Gortjes, Executive Producer of “Killer Whales” and CEO at HELLO Labs, commented, "Having spent 20 years in entertainment, marketing, entrepreneurship, and running campaigns for the top 1000 companies globally, I'm excited to work with what I consider the best PR firm for Web3 companies. MarketAcross brings a wealth of experience that complements our vision for “Killer Whales.'"

MarketAcross CEO Nadav Dakner added color to the partnership with HELLO Labs, "We're thrilled to be the official PR partner of ‘Killer Whales.’ Working with an industry-changing project and show like this aligns perfectly with our commitment to visibility. We look forward to amplifying the narrative of 'Killer Whales' globally."

Unlike other shows in this genre, “Killer Whales” does not focus on investing into projects. Rather, it aims to inform and educate the masses about new technologies and business models. “Killer Whales” combines Web3 projects, blockchain technology, celebrity talent, and Hollywood production values to deliver a show that transcends the crypto sphere and enters the general public's zeitgeist.

"Killer Whales" upholds transparency in all aspects. Participating projects bear no financial burden, and all parties, including Whales, operate under strict NDAs and non-investment clauses.

HELLO Labs is committed to providing global access to “Killer Whales,” which is initially set to premiere on the HELLO TV Web3 platform on February 8th, with a new episode dropping weekly, before becoming available on various streaming outlets and broadcasting networks worldwide from March 11th.

Season one of “Killer Whales” is available to pre-order now at

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