HELLO Labs X CoinMarketCap A World First

CoinMarketCap first opened its doors in 2013 and quickly became the leader in cryptocurrency project tracking and information. In 2020, Binance made the investment to purchase the dominating force and push it further into the world than ever before with news and education to over 340 million monthly visitors.

Fast forward to today. We are proud to be working with CoinMarketCap in an exclusive deal as co-producers of our crypto TV show, Killer Whales.

Blending drama, entertainment, and innovation, Killer Whales will broadcast in over 55 countries on mainstream streaming services and networks.

Need a catch-up? You can read an introduction to Killer Whales on CoinMarketCap Community

CoinMarketCap will take on an active role in sourcing different crypto and NFT projects that may appear on the show, while also providing on-screen data and community feedback during the episodes. With over 22,000 projects listed, they have been the main resource for the most up-to-date data available. This creates the perfect production partner and ensures a global reach on and off-camera.

On Your Marks, Get Set…APPLY!

The search for the best projects in Web3 starts now, as crypto and NFT projects from all over the world apply at The lucky few that make the cut will make their way to the bright lights of Hollywood to face off against the Killer Whales, our panel of well-respected influencers, founders and VCs.

Home Viewers

Killer Whales aims to open the door to the next billion users into Web3 through entertainment and education on a global scale. Episodes will feature different Web3 genres, from NFTs to gaming, and emerging technologies. This will allow the next wave of adoption to start with projects and solutions that have proven use cases.

Home viewers will have an opportunity to have their say. Through our voting and leaderboard system, viewers can visit and vote for their favourite project. Projects in this category could stand a chance to receive a highly sought-after “Wildcard”* title which will feature in one of the Killer Whale episodes.

Voting opens soon, so keep your eyes peeled for updates on the date reveal.


Killer Whales begins filming June 2023.

*Wildcard projects will be chosen at the discretion of the multiple teams involved in the processing and security protocols.

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