HELLO Exclusives NFT Collection

To celebrate one year of DogeDash and the launch of the all conquering HELLO Labs we present to you the ‘HELLO Exclusives Collection’. This unique collection will bring exclusivity and engagement to HELLO NFTs. These will be a collectible and extremely limited series that are themed around games, productions, and other entertainment properties that are brought to market.

To kick things off, we are introducing ten unique and delightfully frightful 3D NFTs that capture the spirit of “Dash of the Dead”. Seven of these will be sold by auction on OpenSea. Three will be given to the “Dash of the Dead” demo contest winners!

Owning a HELLOWEEN NFT will grant you:

  • Access to our Verified Holders channel in Discord
  • An ‘Exclusive NFT Holder’ special role in Discord
  • Whitelist to future drops
  • Early access to the full version of Dash of the Dead
  • Extremely limited, and unique piece of HELLO’s history

Each HELLOWEEN NFT will begin to be revealed as of 1 November 2022.
OpenSea bidding will remain open for 24 hours until only the last bidder claims ownership.

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