Episode Two: Web3 Entertainment Is Live

Diving into episode two of Killer Whales, budding entrepreneurs from Poland, the United States, and the Netherlands looking to revolutionize the Entertainment Industry step into the studio, facing off against the formidable Killer Whales. As they dive into the high-stakes arena, their projects have the potential to either swim to success or sink under the scrutiny of industry heavyweights.

Meet the Projects:

Celebratrix - Riding the Blockchain Wave to Success

The spotlight is on Celebratrix as it aims to revolutionize ticketing through blockchain technology. The Celebratrix App promises a seamless and hassle-free experience for event organizers and users alike. If the project navigates the waters effectively, it could swim to success, transforming the ticketing landscape.

NEWM - Making Waves in Music Streaming

NEWM enters the pod, empowering artists and listeners alike. With a mission to give power back to musicians through innovative music royalty sharing, NEWM encourages users to actively participate in supporting their favorite artists. If NEWM strikes the right chord, it could swim to victory, redefining the music streaming marketplace.

FX1 - Betting on Success with AI Insights

FX1 introduces a dynamic approach to sports betting, offering a peer-to-peer exchange driven by data and AI. Users can set their own odds, compete against friends, and gain a competitive edge. If FX1's strategy pays off, it could swim to the top, revolutionizing the sports betting experience.

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Meet the Judges: The Killer Whales Panel

The contestants face the scrutiny of a panel of Killer Whales, each with the power to determine whether a project swims or sinks.

Gracy Chen - Managing Director of Bitget: Under her leadership, Bitget has risen to a top 5 futures trading platform and a top 10 spot trading platform. With an Applied Mathematics background and an MBA from MIT, she excels in using data-driven insights for strategic investment decisions

Aaron Arnold - Media Entrepreneur: Co-founder and host of Altcoin Daily, Aaron's expertise in sales and marketing makes him a key influencer. If a project captures his attention, it might just swim to success.

Mario Nawfal - Serial Entrepreneur: The most well-connected man on 𝕏, Mario Nawfal, is the accomplished founder of the Athena Group of Companies operating in over 30 countries. Hosting one of the biggest shows on 𝕏, his entrepreneurial background adds depth to the judging panel.

Anthony Scaramucci - Finance Mogul: A founder and global investor with over 30 years of finance experience, Anthony has been recognized as one of the most influential people in finance by Forbes and Worth. As a commentator on CNBC, he pulls no punches with forthright opinions.

Ran Neuner - Founder Crypto Banter Media & VC: Ran Neuner, founder and CEO of Crypto Banter Media, manages over $200 million in capital. Hosting the biggest live crypto show globally, he brings a wealth of experience from both media and venture capitalism to the judging panel.

Which Projects Will Sink or Swim?

As the contestants present their projects, the Killer Whales panel will decide whether they swim to success or sink under the pressure. The Whales are unforgiving, and the fate of these ambitious entrepreneurs hangs in the balance.

Tune in to Killer Whales Episode 2 for a front-row seat to this thrilling dive into the Killer Whales. The waves of innovation are crashing, and only the strongest projects will emerge victorious. Will they swim or sink? The answer lies in the deep waters of Killer Whales.

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