Episode Three: Crypto Gaming Is Live

In the immersive third episode of Killer Whales, the stage is set for a crypto gaming showdown as entrepreneurs from Ecuador, the United States, and the UK dive into the realm of blockchain gaming. The Killer Whales judges, a powerhouse panel of influencers, venture capitalists, and industry leaders, eagerly await the innovative projects that aim to revolutionize the Blockchain Gaming industry.

The spotlight shines on entrepreneurs with visions to transform the blockchain gaming landscape. As the Killer Whales tank becomes the arena for this gaming revolution, projects are poised to either swim to success or sink under the watchful eyes of the judges.

Meet the Projects:

Netvrk - Enter the Metaverse
Netvrk transcends boundaries, offering an online platform and game creation system that blends the best of web 2 and 3. Users can design, create, socialize, and play a variety of games and virtual experiences. With blockchain integration, Netvrk opens up unique monetization opportunities for brands and communities.

Cryptopia - Embark on a Blockchain Adventure
Cryptopia addresses the challenges of current blockchain gaming, aiming for mass adoption. Providing a free-to-play-and-earn model, Cryptopia builds a blockchain adventure that is accessible, fair, and fun for all players.

One App - Earn Rewards for Playing Your Favorite Games
One App introduces blockchain-powered services for gamers and game studios. While catering to blockchain-savvy individuals, the focus is on providing a fun and working experience for Web2-minded users. Users can earn rewards without the need for extensive blockchain knowledge.

Phantom Galaxies - Space Exploration Meets Crypto
Phantom Galaxies merges open-world space simulation with a fast-paced mech shooter and a compelling narrative. Players can choose from transforming Mecha Starfighters and engage in battles against the Sha’Kari in this space exploration adventure.

Splinterlands - The Next Gen of Collectible Card Games
Splinterlands introduces rapid battles in the next generation of collectible card games. With fast and furious gameplay, each session takes only a few minutes. Players can play, trade, and earn rewards anytime, anywhere.

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Meet the Judges: The Killer Whales Panel

The contestants face the scrutiny of a panel of Killer Whales, each with the power to determine whether a project swims or sinks.

Aaron Arnold - Media Entrepreneur: Co-founder and host of Altcoin Daily, Aaron brings deep knowledge of sales and marketing in the cryptocurrency space. Known for simplifying complex concepts, he plays a crucial role in evaluating the gaming projects.

Austin Arnold - Media Entrepreneur: Co-founder of Altcoin Daily, Austin boasts one of the largest crypto channels. With a focus on educating the market on bitcoin and Web3, he adds analytical insights to the judging panel.

Ran Neuner - Founder Crypto Banter Media & VC: Ran, the founder and CEO of Crypto Banter Media, manages over $200 million in capital. Hosting the biggest live crypto show globally, his experience in both media and venture capitalism brings a unique perspective.

Illa DaProducer - Music Producer / Yuga Labs Community & Partnership Lead: A 12x platinum Grammy-nominated music producer and Community & Partnerships Lead at Yuga Labs, Illa DaProducer utilizes his industry knowledge to foster partnerships and drive growth and innovation.

Wendy O - Media Entrepreneur: Wendy O is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and crypto analyst, hosting The O Show. As the largest and most-watched female-run crypto YouTube program globally, she brings tech-heavy information to the masses in a clear and easy-to-understand format.

Which Projects Will Sink or Swim?

Tune in to Killer Whales Season 1 Episode 3 as the crypto gaming special unfolds. The Killer Whales panel will determine which projects will swim to success and which ones will face the depths of the crypto seas. The excitement is palpable as these entrepreneurs showcase their innovations in the ever-evolving world of blockchain gaming. Will they swim or sink? The answer lies in the hands of the Killer Whales judges.

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