Episode One: Real World Utility is live

As the inaugural episode of "Killer Whales" Season 1 kicks off, it's a thrilling showcase of Web3 entrepreneurs from across the globe, presenting their groundbreaking crypto and NFT projects to the heavyweight panel of Killer Whale Judges. Shot in Hollywood, Los Angeles, this spectacle will be broadcast to over 55 countries on the world's biggest streaming platforms, including the HELLO TV app.

In this high-stakes premiere, entrepreneurs from Singapore, the United States, and Spain take center stage, aiming to revolutionize the real estate, banking, and event industries. The Killer Whales are ready to witness whether these projects will swim to success or sink under the pressure.

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Meet the Projects:

Lumara - Digital Currency Integrations for Real Estate Transactions
Lumara envisions a harmonized future where real estate and digital finance converge seamlessly. The project connects real estate buyers and sellers, facilitating transactions in cryptocurrency instead of traditional fiat currency.

Pundi X - Use Digital Currency Anytime, Anywhere
Pundi X empowers businesses worldwide to harness the power of blockchain technology through its blockchain-based point-of-sale (POS) solution. With solid partnerships, Pundi X aims for fast-paced growth, allowing digital currency to be used anytime, anywhere.

Plastiks - The Art of Recycling
Plastiks, a Greentech company, improves plastic waste recovery and recycling rates globally. By connecting companies and organizations, Plastiks engages in projects that inspire and enhance plastic recovery, showcasing their activities to the world.

Ape Beverage - Drink the Future
Ape Beverage introduces Ape Water, an elixir challenging traditional sugar-laden and caffeinated drinks. Positioned as the mighty savior for young athletes and cultural enthusiasts, Ape Water aims to redefine hydration in the sports and culture scene by introducing blockchain technology.

Meet the Judges: The Killer Whales Panel

The contestants face the scrutiny of a panel of Killer Whales, each with the power to determine whether a project swims or sinks.

Austin Arnold - Media Entrepreneur: Co-founder of Altcoin Daily, Austin educates the crypto market through one of the largest crypto channels on the internet. With over 2 million subscribers, his influence in the world of bitcoin and Web3 is significant.

Mario Nawfal - Serial Entrepreneur: The most well-connected man on 𝕏, Mario Nawfal, is the accomplished founder of the Athena Group of Companies operating in over 30 countries. Hosting one of the biggest shows on 𝕏, his entrepreneurial background adds depth to the judging panel.

Wendy O - Media Entrepreneur: Wendy O is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and crypto analyst, hosting The O Show. As the largest and most-watched female-run crypto YouTube program globally, she brings tech-heavy information to the masses in a clear and easy-to-understand format.

Anthony Scaramucci - Finance Mogul: A founder and global investor with over 30 years of finance experience, Anthony has been recognized as one of the most influential people in finance by Forbes and Worth. As a commentator on CNBC, he pulls no punches with forthright opinions.

Ran Neuner - Founder Crypto Banter Media & VC: Ran Neuner, founder and CEO of Crypto Banter Media, manages over $200 million in capital. Hosting the biggest live crypto show globally, he brings a wealth of experience from both media and venture capitalism to the judging panel.

Which Projects Will Sink or Swim?

Tune in to the first episode of Killer Whales Season 1 as the Killer Whales panel judges the fate of these innovative projects. In the crypto seas, entrepreneurs strive to swim to success, but only the strongest will navigate the depths and emerge victorious. Will they swim or sink? The answer unfolds in the thrilling premiere of Killer Whales.

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