Episode Four: Digital Security Is Live

In the gripping Episode 4 of Killer Whales, entrepreneurs hailing from the Netherlands, Australia, and the United States take center stage. Their mission: to revolutionize the blockchain industry with groundbreaking security solutions, making it a safer place for all. The Killer Whales judges, a formidable panel of influencers, venture capitalists, and industry leaders, are ready to assess the projects that could redefine security in the Web3 space.

As the spotlight shifts to security innovations, the Killer Whales studio becomes the battleground for projects seeking to swim to success. From comprehensive security solutions to innovative portfolio management tools, these entrepreneurs are ready to showcase their game-changing ideas.

Meet the Projects:

Shield Security - Security that Builds Trust
Shield Security offers a comprehensive set of Web3-native security solutions, fostering an enterprise security approach to the blockchain space. Their product is a security operations platform empowering teams to manage their security stack, implement new protections, and attract users seeking trusted projects.

Wallet Guard - Guarding Communities Worldwide
Wallet Guard introduces the most advanced open-source browser extension featuring transaction simulation and proactive phishing detection. With quick installation and immediate functionality, it aims to safeguard communities worldwide.

SELF Crypto - Mass Adoption with Ease
SELF Crypto is a utility NFT project that enables users to build a Web3 identity with ease. Combining avatars through NFT technology, it eliminates the need for complicated address strings and connects everything across the web, from wallets and emails to official documents and loyalty cards.

Gero Wallet - Start Exploring New Possibilities
Gero Wallet is a portfolio management tool designed for retail investors. With a focus on simplicity, Gero Wallet provides an all-in-one location to manage assets as both a browser extension and a mobile application.

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Meet the Judges: The Killer Whales Panel

The contestants face the scrutiny of a panel of Killer Whales, each with the power to determine whether a project swims or sinks.

Austin Arnold - Media Entrepreneur: Co-founder of Altcoin Daily, Austin boasts one of the largest crypto channels. With a focus on educating the market on bitcoin and Web3, he adds analytical insights to the judging panel.

Wendy O - Media Entrepreneur: Wendy O is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and crypto analyst, hosting The O Show. As the largest and most-watched female-run crypto YouTube program globally, she brings tech-heavy information to the masses in a clear and easy-to-understand format.

Mario Nawfal - Serial Entrepreneur: The most well-connected man on 𝕏, Mario Nawfal, is the accomplished founder of the Athena Group of Companies operating in over 30 countries. Hosting one of the biggest shows on 𝕏, his entrepreneurial background adds depth to the judging panel.

Anthony Scaramucci - Finance Mogul: A founder and global investor with over 30 years of finance experience, Anthony has been recognized as one of the most influential people in finance by Forbes and Worth. As a commentator on CNBC, he pulls no punches with forthright opinions.

Yevheniia Broshevan - Co-founder of Hacken: Yevheniia Broshevan is the co-founder of, the blockchain security auditor for Killer Whales and numerous other projects. With expertise in computer science and information system security, she plays a crucial role in evaluating security innovations.

Which Projects Will Sink or Swim?

Join the journey into the heart of security innovation as Killer Whales Season 1 Episode 4 unfolds. The Killer Whales judges will decide the fate of these projects, determining which ones will swim to success and which will face the depths of the security arena. The blockchain industry is about to witness a new era of fortified solutions – will they swim or sink? The answer lies in the hands of the Killer Whales judges.

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