Episode Five: NFT Special Is Live

The season finale of Killer Whales takes a plunge into the NFT space, featuring visionary entrepreneurs from the Netherlands, Australia, and the United States. With dreams of revolutionizing the NFT industry, these innovators face off against the Killer Whales judges in a quest to redefine the future of non-fungible tokens.

The Killer Whales studio transforms into a realm of endless possibilities, from creator-first marketplaces to fashion-forward metaverses, the NFT landscape is about to witness a seismic shift.

Meet the Projects:

Catbotica - The Paw-ssibilities...Endless!
Catbotica is a generative NFT collection featuring hand-drawn robot cats from outer space. With a narrative rich in suspense, adventure, ancient mysteries, and heartwarming romance, Catbotica promises a yarn ball of galactic proportions.

Kreatorhood - A Creator-First Marketplace
- Empowering creators in Web3, Kreatorhood is a marketplace where every sale generates a fair cut and royalties on resales. Committed to sustainability, Kreatorhood's NFTs are minted post-sale via proof of stake on Polygon and Ethereum.

GonnaMakeIt - By Creators, For Creators - GonnaMakeIt simplifies NFT transactions, allowing users to buy, list, or sell dozens of NFTs with one click. Users can share marketplace revenues by referring friends, creating a safe and royalty-protected experience.

XPUNKS - IP and Gaming Revolution - XPUNKS aims to drive innovation and growth in the NFT industry by leveraging trends in intellectual property and gaming. Providing tools and access for the community to participate and benefit from these trends, xPunks is at the forefront of the NFT revolution.

Avatly - The World’s First Fashion Industry Metaverse - Avatly pioneers a fashion-first metaverse, creating an exceptional experience of trying on virtual clothes. Leveraging the Metaverse and VR technology, users can explore a new dimension of trying on, sharing outfits, and buying clothes.

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Meet the Judges: The Killer Whales Panel

The contestants face the scrutiny of a panel of Killer Whales, each with the power to determine whether a project swims or sinks.

Austin Arnold - Media Entrepreneur: Co-founder of Altcoin Daily, Austin boasts one of the largest crypto channels. With a focus on educating the market on bitcoin and Web3, he adds analytical insights to the judging panel.

Illa DaProducer - Music Producer / Yuga Labs Community & Partnership Lead: Illa DaProducer, a 12x platinum Grammy-nominated music producer and Community & Partnerships Lead at Yuga Labs, brings industry knowledge to drive growth and innovation.

Kevin Sonei - Comedian & Content Creator: Kevin Sonei, aka kmoney, brings humor and content creation expertise to the judging panel, offering a unique perspective on the Web3 industry.

Alex Finn - Tech Entrepreneur: Alex Finn educates Web3 participants on entrepreneurship and value creation, contributing a tech-savvy perspective to the judging panel.

Aaron Arnold - Media Entrepreneur: Co-founder and host of Altcoin Daily, Aaron's expertise in sales and marketing makes him a key influencer. If a project captures his attention, it might just swim to success.

Which Projects Will Sink or Swim?

Witness the NFT revolution unfold in Killer Whales Season 1 Episode 5. The Killer Whales judges will determine which NFT projects will make waves and which will be left in the depths of the ever-evolving NFT universe. The journey promises suspense, creativity, and innovation as entrepreneurs showcase their visions for the future of NFTs. Will they swim to success or face the depths of the crypto seas? The answer lies in the hands of the Killer Whales judges.

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