Dash is back with Dash of the Dead!

Exciting news! We are delighted to unveil the launch of Dash of the Dead, an epic 3D runner game that promises a thrilling, fast-paced adventure as you help Dash flee from thousands of zombies in a city overrun by the undead. Powered by $HELLO, this game is sure to get your heart racing.

We understand that the release of this game has generated a lot of buzz, and we are just as eager to share with you what we have been working on. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on the game mechanics and the best strategies to use in playing Dash of the Dead.

Your Objective

Our aim was to create a game that was both enjoyable and challenging for everyone, not just the best NFT gamers. That's why we developed Dash of the Dead shortly after the release of Doge Dash. In this game, you are the chosen one tasked with bringing Dash home safely. To do this, you must guide Dash as he evades oncoming zombies and jumps over obstacles in the zombie-infested city. Your goal is to escape the city and the zombie horde, making your way through the suburbs, rural areas, and ultimately, the cemetery. As you travel, the daylight gradually turns into evening and then into a dark, cold night, with zombies flooding the area in this dash or die environment.

We wanted our GEN-1 NFTs to have significance not only in Doge Dash but also in Dash of the Dead. So, we are proud to announce that these NFTs will be fully usable in the new game, appearing as a 3D playable character version when you connect your wallet and select your favorite NFT. Our developers are also working hard to create a solution that will allow 2D NFTs to be upgraded to their 3D version, with more information to come.

As gamers will quickly realize, winning the game requires a mix of skill and luck. You must keep your focus on Dash while taking in the stunning city sights and environments. Let's take a closer look at some of the mechanics we've incorporated into the game.

Revamping the Leaderboard

In order to make the competition for rewards more engaging, we recognized that gamers are motivated by different things like bragging rights, tokens, and recognition. To address this, we have completely reimagined the leaderboard structure in Dash of the Dead to function on a weekly basis, where only your best score is recorded.

Our aim is to ensure that players with superior skills or more valuable NFTs don't have an easy path to the top of the leaderboard. Rather, it is the gamers who put in the effort and perform the best that should be rewarded. Having an NFT will provide certain advantages, such as earning more coins and having special abilities like long jumps and headbutting zombies (and surviving).

To secure a place on the top of the weekly leaderboard, you need to move quickly to collect as many coins as possible! Your score is determined by a combination of the distance you traveled and the coins you accumulated.

In addition to the focus on collecting coins and traveling further, we have also introduced a score penalty system. For instance, if you hit an obstacle or run into a zombie, you will lose a life and some of your collected coins. Another penalty is that you respawn some distance behind where you died, which immediately lowers your total score.

The leaderboard now resets weekly, which triggers payouts in $HELLO tokens. All credits used for game entries will go toward the weekly reward pool, with 10% being taxed for development and production.

We have exciting plans for further improvements to the leaderboard, which will be revealed in future updates.

Powerups and Special Traits

To ensure that powerups and special traits are available to all players, we have made some changes to the gameplay mechanics. Previously, these bonuses were only available to players who owned certain NFTs. However, we felt that it was important to create a more level playing field for all gamers.

In Dash of the Dead, we have merged the powerups and traits from Doge Dash. While certain NFTs can still provide double or triple coin multipliers and better jumping abilities, all NFT players now receive an additional life. We have also made some adjustments to create a more equitable experience for all players.

Modification: Adding more NFTs with special abilities

To enhance the gameplay experience and make it more exciting for players, we took the step of introducing additional NFT players with special abilities. In addition to the existing GEN-1 collection in Doge Dash, we have now added two new special traits - Mohawk and Sunglasses.

With the Mohawk trait, players can headbutt zombies by simply tapping or pressing the 'E' key, which will cause their NFT to perform a power roll and smash through the zombies. This trait is available in both red and blue variants.

The Sunglasses trait, on the other hand, will highlight zombies and make them more visible. This ability will prove particularly useful during longer runs when Dash ventures into the dark outskirts of the city.

Both the Mohawk and Sunglasses traits are common to the collection and will be available to more players who choose to play with their NFTs. Further details about these NFT abilities can be found in the "NFT Abilities" section.

Adding NFT Traits as Abilities and Powerups in the Marketplace

In an effort to make NFT benefits available to more players, we have added all known and new NFT traits as purchasable abilities and powerups in the in-game marketplace. These include:

  • X2 coins (multiplier)
  • X3 coins (multiplier)
  • Extra life
  • Super jump (+ glide)
  • Headbutt
  • Sunglasses
  • Magnet
  • Invincibility

Abilities purchased in the store, using HELLO Credits, stay with you for the duration of the game. Powerups, on the other hand, have a shorter duration of between 10-15 seconds depending on the powerup used. More information about the marketplace can be found in the "The In-game Marketplace" section.

To enhance the gameplay experience and give players more opportunities to use powerups, we have implemented a new feature where powerups will appear randomly throughout the game. These silver-colored powerups will grant players various abilities, such as invincibility or the ability to attract all coins they pass. When a player picks up a powerup, the corresponding ability will be activated for a limited time, usually 10-15 seconds.

Players will be able to see the powerups displayed on the right side of the screen, while the abilities they have purchased will be shown on the left side. To activate a powerup, players simply need to touch it on the screen. This new feature will add an exciting element of surprise to the game and give players more chances to use powerups to their advantage.

The in-game marketplace

The in-game marketplace is a new and exciting addition to Dash of the Dead. The focus is on the setup, functionality, and benefits of using the marketplace to benefit all players. Using the marketplace, players can purchase special abilities or powerups to use while playing the game. This enhances competitiveness and creates a more level playing field.

The marketplace offers well-known NFT-bound abilities, as well as new ones, that can be purchased using HELLO Credits, which can be bought using the $HELLO token. Abilities are special powers that stay with you for the duration of the game, while powerups are limited in the time they are active, typically 10-15 seconds from activation.

All players, regardless of whether they own an NFT, can use the abilities and powerups available in the marketplace. Purchased abilities are stored in the player's account and can be selected before starting a run. When players purchase an ability or powerup, they will have it available for their next run, increasing the variety and excitement of gameplay.


We have introduced lootboxes as an exciting new feature that allows players to test their luck and see what they can obtain for their credits. Our algorithm guarantees that players always receive valuable rewards such as cool abilities, powerups, and even extra credits. Our development team is continually working on new ways to enhance the lootbox experience and provide players with even more benefits. Keep an eye out for future updates!

NFT Abilities

In the world of Doge Dash GEN-1 NFTs, each NFT possesses unique and special abilities. All NFTs come with an additional life, but we have also retained the existing abilities:

  1. NFTs with the "Halo and X-eyes" traits have an extra life.
  2. NFTs with the "Angel Wings and Angel Wing Shoes" traits have an extended jumping ability.
  3. NFTs with the "Golden Chain" trait collect twice the amount of coins.
  4. NFTs with the "King's Crown" trait collect three times the amount of coins.
  5. NFTs with the "Ultra Rare" trait possess all the abilities mentioned above.

To further enhance the gameplay experience, we have also introduced two new trait abilities:

  1. NFTs with a red or blue mohawk can smash through zombies with a powerful headbutt roll.
  2. NFTs with the "Sunglasses" trait have the advantage of being able to detect zombies more easily as they light up and become fluorescent, especially in the darker outskirts of the city.

We believe these new abilities will provide more NFT holders with the benefits they deserve.

In summary, our changes have resulted in the number of NFTs with unique abilities increasing from around 900 to over 3000 NFTs. These changes were made to improve gamer satisfaction, increase the game's challenge, and provide a superior gaming experience for all types of gamers, from casual to professional. Everyone can now compete for the top spot on the leaderboard and earn HELLO tokens. We hope you enjoy these improvements!

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