Casper Joins as an Official Blockchain Partner

Casper Association is partnering with ‘Killer Whales,’ our reality TV show is co-produced by CoinMarketCap and AltCoinDaily, billed as ‘the Shark Tank of Crypto.’

The Casper Association is a not-for-profit organization based in Switzerland that oversees the Casper Network and supports its organic evolution and continued decentralization. The Association's key focus is expanding the Casper ecosystem through major protocol updates, developer incentives, tools, and a dedicated growth fund. Casper aims to foster an ecosystem of decentralized and scalable projects. This vision aligns with HELLO Labs, which strives to build a decentralized, vibrant entertainment and gaming ecosystem for a global audience. Both platforms offer a seamless and secure way to engage with Web3 products and services.

The Killer Whales TV show will allow entrepreneurs to pitch ideas for new Web3 products and projects to a panel of judges and entrepreneurs, that include some of the most influential names in Web3 and Web2. The show will preview on HELLO TV and then roll out across a series of global premium streaming services in over 55 countries.

“From day one, we were impressed by the transparency, dedication, and vision the Casper team put in front of us, Killer Whales and HELLO are all about building together in a focused and innovative way. With Casper we believe we have found an Official Blockchain Partner that can assist, and nurture the show participants, with networking and technological benefits. Our launch party in Singapore during Token 2049 was a testimony to that” said HELLO Labs CEO Sander Gortjes in a statement.

Casper is the first L1 blockchain to join Killer Whales as an Official Partner and its core strength lies in its adaptable and upgradable foundation. Thanks to this architecture the network is able to seamlessly evolve in line with the needs of its users, partners, and the projects it supports. Casper’s shared goal with HELLO Labs is to enable projects that apply to be on the show to gain recognition, get feedback from industry leaders, and access funding and assistance for building their innovative Web3 solutions.

As projects are reviewed and their audits are successful, they will undergo several rounds of interviews in Hollywood before the filming of season two begins in June 2024. The show will be broadcast across major streaming services, which will be announced in the next weeks, and HELLO Labs’ very own streaming platform, HELLO TV.

"I'm excited for Casper's collaboration with Killer Whales, a front-runner in Web3 innovation. This partnership highlights our dedication to pioneering and cooperative efforts in blockchain. In alliance with HELLO Labs and Killer Whales, we aim to empower emerging entrepreneurs. Our focus is to actively shape revolutionary Web3 projects, setting industry benchmarks and driving transformative ideas." said Steve Careaga, Managing Director Growth at Casper Association.

Killer Whales participants and the Casper Accelerate Grant Program
The Casper Accelerate Grant Program is a dedicated $25 million fund designed exclusively to support projects and creators building on the Casper Public Mainnet.

The program serves as a catalyst for strengthening the infrastructure of the Casper ecosystem. It is dedicated to identifying and supporting initiatives aimed at elevating interoperability and enhancing the competitiveness of the Casper blockchain. Prioritizing decentralized applications (dApps) that utilize Casper’s unique features, the program extends funding opportunities to DeFi, Gaming, NFTs projects, and Casper-specific crypto research. As part of the collaboration with Killer Whales, participants are welcomed to apply and get introduced.

Pre-order and watch Killer Whales on Hello.TV now.

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