Bitget searches for KILLER projects in Australia

Killer Whales Season one has wrapped and with a planned release in Q1 2024. The production team and partners are actively scouting the Web3 industry to discover new talent and innovative projects that are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology and business practices. These exciting projects could potentially be featured in upcoming seasons of Killer Whales.

In its capacity as the Official Search Partner of the show, Bitget is proud to sponsor the Bitget Whale Lab on the inaugural day of the Australian Crypto Convention, taking place on November 11th. As part of this collaboration, Bitget will assess multiple startups and founders who will present their pitches to a panel of venture capitalists. Bitget will then curate a selection of projects that they believe are well-suited to be featured in upcoming seasons of Killer Whales, starting from season two and beyond.

We eagerly await insights from Bitget and our very own Killer Whale, Gracy Chen, as they identify the talent emerging from Australia and witness the local HELLO team's engagement during the event and project selection process.

More information about the event

More information about Bitget Whale lab here.

“The Australian Crypto Convention has announced a significant commitment from multiple investors and VCs, designated for their live pitch–fest in the Bitget Whale Lab on Day 1 of the convention this November in Melbourne. Australian VC firms’ Faculty Group and Apollo Crypto have been named as two of the leading contributors to this commitment.”

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