OmniaVerse: Your gateway to web3 gaming

OmniaVerse is an all-in-one web3 gaming and entertainment ecosystem that solves all of the major barriers for web3 gaming. Our full technology stack addresses the normally convoluted onboarding process, fragmented user experience in web3 gaming, and blockchain transaction fees. Our entire ecosystem is live, including more than 30 Web3 games available on the web, Android, and iOS devices. OmniaVerse consists of: Omnia Chain, our gaming-focused true zero gas Layer 1 network; OmniaOne, our one-click onboarding and profile management system which automatically creates web3 wallet and syncs game data with blockchain; OmniaVerse Game Dashboard, the interface for game access and digital asset management; OmniaVerse Studios, a growing library of games and other content (e.g. comic books, art), both from our own development team and from third-party projects and partners; the OmniaVerse Software Development Kit (SDK), which enables simple bridging of web2 apps and games to the world of web3; and various DeFi tools needed for any crypto-adjacent project, including swaps, marketplaces, etc.

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