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GonnaMakeIt NFT Marketplace

The Premier NFT Marketplace with Low Fees, Royalties

From the founder of the Energi blockchain, also an OG crypto Youtuber, the GonnaMakeIt NFT Marketplace will be the only NFT marketplace in the world with full user security. In a time when scams, hacks, phishing and other attacks are so prevalent, and while NFT royalties are also not being honored, the technology Tommy has built has solved the biggest problem in the cryptocurrency space - user and business security. The innovation Tommy has brought into the cryptocurrency space by bringing full Decentralized Governance into Ethereum tech is ground-breaking - giving the ability for people to safely introduce their friends and family into blockchain and NFTs without having to worry about being scammed or otherwise taken advantage of!

This should be a juicy segment for the KillerWhales, and will really cause people to think deeply about decentralized governance, the future of crypto, and the biggest application for it which is via an NFT Marketplace with these next-level capabilities!

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