Freename is a web3 domain registrar for NFT domains as top-level domains (TLD) and second-level domains (SLD). Users can register and mint their own web3 digital identities on multiple blockchains.

As a leading Web3 provider for Web3 NFT domains and digital identities, Freename has built strong partnerships with MetaMask, Aloha Browser, CleanDNS, Ledgermail and many others.

Freename is changing the domain industry by providing unlimited domain extensions accessible in the Web2 and Web3 space.

In addition, Freename provides an unique possibility to generate passive income by selling NFT domains with royalties easily - as incentive for the Web3 community in the benefit of every internet user.

Freename has developed the trendsetting Noto Network to merge Web2 with Web3.

Furthermore, together with our partner ShortDot we operate WebUnited who has accompanied a marketing campaign together with Global Domains International on Times Square.

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