Dubbz is building unified blockchain wagering infrastructure

Dubbz is creating competitive blockchain infrastructure for the next generation of gaming. With our partner API, we provide asustainable source of revenue to game developers around the world, with a one click solution that provides both gamers and game developers a skill-based mechanism to earn. Game developers (web2 or web3) get immediate access to tournaments, matchmaking, and challenges... an immediate revenue stream in usdc, legal compliance coverage for their game and the wagering, customer support, and both fiat and crypto payment providers for their wagers. The pitch to game devs is simple... Make a great game and dubbz will handle the rest.

On the token side we automatically share a huge percentage of our revenue (20% - 40%) with token holders in usdc. No need to stake, lock, or claim. If you ever interact with the contract in any way we will automatically send the usdc you've accumulated in the same transaction.

IMPORTANT NOTICE Review our Terms of Use as it may affect you.

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