Dexio - judgement your reality

What is Dexioprotocol?

At Dexioprotocol, we're leading the charge in gaming innovation by merging Augmented Reality and Blockchain technology to transform how you play and interact.

Our Flagship App GeoQuest unlocks a world of exploration.

GeoQuest gives you the opportunity to find and own unique NFTs, vouchers or DexiCash anywhere in the world.

GeoQuest is also your portal to another reality.

Through quests, battles, puzzles or breathtaking AR events, you can experience familiar places in a completely unique way.

And we got DexiDragons.

DexiDragons is a turn-based action mobile game that packs a punch.

Breed, collect and fight with your dragons and enjoy the thrill of strategy.

We're reshaping how brands connect with you, creating immersive geo-based AR campaigns that turn advertising into captivating adventures.

We integrate an eclectic mix of traditional companys and NFT projects into our ecosystem, inviting you to be part of a growing collective where entertainment meets ownership.

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