Investing in Film Made Easy while changing how films are funded!

Changing the way films are funded, allowing film investment to be transferable and liquid. COINRUNNERSMOVIE.COM unveils the revolutionary NFT Funding Model, redefining the film funding landscape by harnessing the power of non-fungible tokens (NFT) and blockchain technology. COINRUNNERSMOVIE.COM aims to revolutionise how films are financed with this new funding model, creating a more inclusive and lucrative environment for investors and filmmakers. Different from traditional film financing, where the process has been complex and illiquid, COINRUNNERSMOVIE.COM's NFT funding model will remove the barriers that have limited opportunities for diverse and original storytelling in the past. Through the innovative implementation of NFT ownership, NFT owners can resell these rights, allowing them to recoup their investment and potentially even profit from the sale of NFT.

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