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EPISODE 3: Crypto Gaming

On the surface, the Gaming and Blockchain industries are a match made in heaven, combining the best in innovative tech and entertainment. In this episode, crypto-gaming entrepreneurs from Canada, the United States and the Netherlands set out to prove they have what it takes to become the next gaming powerhouse. Will they have what it takes to impress the Killer Whale judges and swim to safety? Tune in to find out.

Meet the whales

  • Illa Da Producer

    Illa Da Producer

    Music Producer / Yuga Labs Community & Partnership Lead


    Illa DaProducer is a 12x platinum Grammy nominated music producer. He is also the Community & Partnerships Lead at Yuga Labs. Utilizing his vast network and industry knowledge, Illa DaProducer plays a pivotal role in cultivating meaningful partnerships and engaging with the community to drive growth and innovation.

  • Ran Neuner

    Ran Neuner

    Founder Crypto Banter Media & VC


    Ran Neuner is both the founder and CEO of a media company and a venture capitalist managing over $200m in capital. His media company Crypto Banter hosts the biggest live crypto show in the world and boasts one of the largest and most loyal crypto communities in the world. Previous to his crypto career Ran was the founder and CEO of The Creative Counsel Group.

  • Wendy o

    Wendy o

    Media Entrepreneur


    Wendy O is a Los Angeles based Entrepreneur and Crypto Analyst. She is host and founder of The O Show, the largest and most-watched female-run crypto YouTube program globally. The O Show focuses on bringing tech-heavy information to the masses in a clear and easy-to-understand format. Wendy O has been published in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, NBC News, Forbes, Fox Business, CNBC, Time, Bloomberg, and many more.

  • Austin Arnold

    Austin Arnold

    Media Entrepreneur


    Austin, co-founder of Altcoin Daily, has one of the largest crypto channels on the internet. Started back in 2018 with his brother Aaron, Altcoin Daily shares news, opinion, and education on the entire crypto market. With over 2M+ subscribers across all social platforms, Austin educates the market on bitcoin and Web3.

  • Aaron Arnold

    Aaron Arnold

    Media Entrepreneur


    Aaron is the co-founder and host of Altcoin Daily. Aaron has deep knowledge of sales and marketing and has been working in the cryptocurrency space for several years. He is known for his ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms, making cryptocurrency accessible to a wider audience.

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