BKEX Joins Killer Whales as an Official Search Partner

Today, the global cryptocurrency exchange BKEX announced that it has partnered with Web 3.0 entertainment company HELLO Labs to become the programme’s official search partner, alongside several other crypto exchanges. This will serve for its upcoming show Killer Whales, a Shark Tank style TV show, co-produced by CoinMarketCap which will air on global television later this year.

HELLO Labs announced its show Killer Whales back in Q4 2022, as a mixture of Shark Tank and America’s Got Talent combined into a web3 Hollywood TV show. Founded by award-winning Hollywood director and producer Paul Caslin, HELLO Labs and its show Killer Whales aims to bring web3 to the homes of millions of people worldwide.

“We believe that the Hello project is one of the few projects in the Web3 ecosystem that focuses on the real entertainment field. In terms of field, it is relatively novel and unique. This cooperation will leverage both parties' advantages in blockchain technology and expertise in the Web3 field to pave the way for a more powerful Web3 ecosystem”, said Founder of BKEX Labs, Winfred Ji, in a statement.

Founded in 2018, BKEX is a global digital asset financial services platform. It focuses on discovering and absorbing high-quality assets and is an innovative international platform for digital assets aimed at global users offering a variety of trading and investment services for digital assets.

HELLO Labs CEO, Sander Gortjes, said, “We’re excited to onboard BKEX, a very important partner with lots of reach specifically in Korea and South East Asia. We understand the need for web3 projects to be given a platform where they can tell the world about their ideas and solutions for real world problems. We see BKEX as one of the credible partners to help projects get on the show and share their stories.”

Ahead of the Killer Whales launch, BKEX team is continuing its effort in expanding beyond derivatives, and working with the broader web3 ecosystem via partnerships. The BKEX team further stated that one of the primary objectives for joining HELLO Labs as a Search Partner was in line with its own objectives to search and identify companies and entrepreneurs that have the greatest potential to drive this transformation forward.

Co-produced by CoinMarketCap, the Killer Whales show has already received a lot of traction online, with judges including names such as CryptoWendyO and more.